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Arts for Health is a fun and accessible place in Hamilton where you can paint, craft and  draw.  It is the perfect place to make new friends, learn new skills, or work towards building your own body of artwork. If you like, you can also exhibit in our art gallery or be part of our yearly community exhibition. There is so much to do!

Check out our art workshops if you are looking to learn new skills or have new experiences. There are children's and adults workshops which change each term. Our workshops are suitable for people of all skill levels.

We hope to see you soon

Social Art  - Monday to Friday$5 per session
Social Art

Monday to Friday

$5 per session

Open Studio is a self directed art studio where you can explore, create and meet like minded people. Suitable for people of all abilities over the age of 15 yrs, our art tutors can provide encouragement and arty tips and tricks as you find your creative voice.

We stock basic art materials as part of your $5 donation but feel free to bring along your own materials if you are working on something special. You can purchase canvases from us at cost price.

No need to book, simply pop along at a time and day that suits you and stay for an hour, half a day or a whole day, it is entirely up to you. 

Mondays and Fridays  9am – 2.30pm
Tues/Wed/Thurs        9am – 3.30pm

$5 per session, pay on the day at our Hamilton creative art space.

Embark on a creative journey in our Hamilton art workshop this term. Explore the enchanting world of natural materials, discovering artistic possibilities along the way. Have fun, connect with like-minded individuals, and create personalized art to take home.

Experience the vibrancy of watercolor, paint, and sculpture, enriched with delightful surprises for an elevated artistic journey.

Monday classes are perfect for those seeking a quiet space for concentration in their art making process. All materials and equipment provided, its going to be a busy term.
Term 2 consists of 9 sessions
Starts Monday 29th April
9.30am  - 11.30am

$150 per term all materials provided.

Explore the world of watercolour painting in our beginner to intermediate class, crafted to boost your creativity and artistic skills! Perfect for newcomers or those refining their talent, this class provides a supportive space for growth and learning.

Guided by our experienced instructor, you'll delve into watercolour techniques, from mastering washes to blending and layering colours. Each inspiring session combines the freedom to experiment with structured guidance, enhancing your painting abilities.

Materials supplied for the first two classes, after this you must bring your own.

Term 2 consists of 8 sessions
Starts Tuesday 14th May
9.30am  - 11.30am

$175 per term, bring your own materials.

Explore your creativity, connect with like-minded women, and enjoy a morning of art making in Hamilton!

Ladies Friday Art morning is perfect for meeting new people, exploring your artistic side, and taking time for yourself in this self-directed space. While our art team will pop in occasionally to offer assistance and ideas, the focus is on your personal artistic journey.

Share this invitation with friends and have some fun. Suitable for all abilities.

Bring your own art materials or use our basic drawing materials to start you off. 
Term 2 consists of 9 sessions
Starts Friday 3rd May
9.30am  - 11.30am

$90 per term, bring your own materials.

Join our 9-week creative journey with our Open Studio Art Therapy programme. 

Each week you will be guided through a central theme that lets you gently explore your world in a supportive and creative way. Get ready to widen how you look at the world and your responses to it.

Different from our other art therapy workshops you will be choosing your own mediums from the supplies provided, so be prepared to paint, draw or sculpt as part of this terms workshop.

Basic materials are provided.

Term 2 consists of 9 sessions

Starts Friday 3rd May

12.30pm - 2.30pm

Indulge in a series of 10 enriching sessions of Mindfulness Arts Therapy workshops this term.

Designed for adults, these unique workshops (similar to our Thursday workshops) invite you to embrace your playful and creative side, fostering emotional well-being, self-discovery, and resilience in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

These workshops allow you to engage with a variety of artistic modalities to navigate your emotional landscape, articulate your innermost feelings, and forge connections within a community of peers.

There is an opportunity to share your experiences within the group should you choose. 

All materials are provided as part of your fee. Group sizes are limited to 6-8 people at our Hamilton art workshop

Term 2 consists of 10 sessions

Starts Wednesday 1st May

9.30am - 11.30am

Embark on a transformative journey through 10 sessions of Mindfulness Art Therapy this term.

Tailored for adults seeking a sanctuary for creative introspection, these sessions provide a nurturing environment for self-expression.

Explore a diverse array of mediums, from sculpting to painting and symbolic play, as you delve into the depths of your creativity.

Previous participants have reported a heightened capacity to confront personal challenges, appreciating the invaluable respite from their daily routines. They found solace and inspiration within the supportive atmosphere of our Hamilton art workshop.

All materials are provided as part of your enrollment fee. Group sizes are kept ranging from 6 to 8 individuals, ensuring a conducive environment for meaningful exploration.              

Term 2 consists of 10 sessions

Starts Thursday 2nd May

9.30am - 11.30am

This 10-week children's arts therapy group utilizes creative processes to assist young individuals in expressing themselves. Our current focus is on children experiencing challenges with self-confidence.

Activities for this term encompass painting, clay work, sensory exploration, 3D construction, sand tray activities, and engagement with natural materials.

Facilitated by two arts therapists, this workshop is suitable for children comfortable with group settings.

Taking place in our Hamilton art workshop space, the group is limited to 11 children. The fee of $60 covers one or two children aged 8-12 years residing in the same household.

Term 2 consists of 10 sessions

Starts Thursday 2nd May

4pm  - 5.30pm 

We extend special acknowledgement to the Ministry of Culture and Heritage for providing the funding to conduct these workshops.


Arts for Health is a Hamilton creative art space and is somewhere I can go and paint when I don’t have the motivation to manage that in my own house. It helps me leave the house knowing I have somewhere I will feel safe where I am part of a community that supports each other.
Emma Billingham

Arts for health provides great support to the community. As a new artist I find that there is a sense of belonging, ownership and acceptance that makes me feel calm, satisfied and motivated.

Kim McEvilly
I felt art therapy was a great way to express my feelings about life in general and helped me to stay healthy. 
Phillip Longley

I highly recommend the art therapy class at Arts for Health, my local Hamilton art workshop. I attended hour sessions once a week for six weeks and experienced some significant emotional shifts. My understanding of how my emotions affect my physical being are decidedly more clear and I am in much closer touch with the cause and effect on myself. Of significance is the return of past levels of confidence and that I am in charge of my whole self and my choices.
Jennifer H
I like coming to Arts for Health as it helps me to get to know new people in the community. Since I started coming to art last year, I have felt more confident and happy. I come to art because I like coming into the community for health and wellbeing.
Lisa Tawhai

It has helped me get back into drawing and learning to paint. It’s allowed me to meet new people all of whom are very helpful and supportive. It’s helped me feel more creative and grow more confidence in my artistic abilities.

Elaine Simons

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