Small gestures create big changes

Purchase a thank-you art gift card that promotes creative accessibility. It's a sincere gesture to enrich another persons life on your part, and a stride forward for us towards building a more inclusive and inspiring community. Join us in making a significant impact. Your contribution matters, and we want to acknowledge its significance. Keep an eye out for an electronic link to your 'thank you' card after you have made a donation. Its a small gesture but we like to say our thank yous the old fashioned way.

Every contribution, big or small paints a brighter future. We aim to foster an inclusive, lively and creative place where people are welcomed, productive and energised in the Arts. We are proud to embrace and empower people from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and experiences, knowing that by breaking down barriers to inclusion, everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Thank you for being a part of our artistic journey, we appreciate your kindness!

Encourage children to dream big, have fun and learn to express themselves visually.  Our arts therapists will guide children to explore their emotions, learn strategies for safe expression while giving them a chance to be messy, make mistakes and let their imaginations run free.

As a valued supporter, you're not just donating — you're profoundly impacting young lives by giving them learning opportunities for creative expression.

$250 goes a long way towards keeping the paint bottles fill, providing quality art materials and keeping the studios functioning. This gives our artists a value added experience that respects the creative process and honours their efforts as emerging artists. 

Arts for Health is a space where everyone finds a warm welcome, where people can pursue their projects at their own pace while benefiting from the encouragement of a broader network of like-minded peers..

Ready to become a Creative Champion and shake up the world of creative arts with us? We're all about making waves in the world of creative arts. We're quick to adapt and respond to the needs of our artists and the wider creative community. Whether it's crafting fresh new programs, setting up captivating exhibitions, or staying in the loop with the latest trends in the art world, we're always on the move. And with passionate Creative Champions like you on board, the journey becomes even more exciting and fulfilling!


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