We provide support to help you regain your well being. Our mission statement is to promote "Wellness through Art."

Arts for Health Community Trust is a Charitable Trust that provides a venue for people who are experiencing or maintaining wellness, using the creative arts.   We provide open studio facilities so that people can practice the creative arts in a supportive and fun environment.  Many of our artists are managing mental health challenges, physical or intellectual disabilities, or experiencing medical health issues.  Sometimes people join us to help them connect socially with other like minded people.  To operate this service we rely on grants, donations and fundraising.

The philosophy of Arts for Health is for everyone to have the right to be creative, no matter what their circumstances. The arts can provide inspiration, motivation and opportunity for self-expression, from which emerges a sense of self, independence and dignity.

The artists can choose their projects and work at their own pace. Our staff help and encourage them to discover the joys of being creative in a caring and supportive environment.
Artists are given the opportunity to meet others and share in the creative experience. There is no required level of expertise to participate in our activities.  Many Arts for Health participants have no previous art experience, while others come to us with a toolbox of knowledge and skills. 

Our community base is located at the Ward Park Arts and Crafts Centre in Hamilton. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am until 2.30pm.

Our Charities Commission Registration Number is CC34484.


We welcome you to enter our 2018 Art Competition which is being held 17th to 19th August. Entries must be received on Friday 10th August between 8am and 11am.   For more information and details please refer to the Competition Rules and Entry Form.

Our 2017 Art Competition / Exhibition winners were

ADULTS FIRST PRIZE:               Fritz Jooste
STUDENTS FIRST PRIZE:          Meg Tucker
MERIT:                                     Riki McInman,  Sharon Gleeson,
                                               Oliver Stewart,  Diana Seavill
PEOPLES' CHOICE AWARD:      (2 winners):  Julie Whyman,  Deshan Walallavita