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'I found the Arts for Health group a great help in my recovery.'

Art Therapy Testimonials

I felt art therapy was a great way to express my feelings about life in general.

Art therapy also gave me the opportunity to work with colours and it was interesting to do. I had learnt how colours can send visions of things in to the brain.
I had the privilege to exercise my hands and fingers with play dough, which felt nice and squishy as the play dough is nice and soft.  I also made things with the shells and other objects.  One of those things was a McDonalds restaurant with a swimming pool etc.  I said to Eve the restaurant could expand into a restaurant like how we made it.
By Phillip L

I highly recommend the art therapy class at Arts for Health. I attended hour sessions once a week for six weeks and experienced some significant shifts.  My understanding of how my emotions affect my physical being are decidedly more clear and I am in much closer touch with the cause and effect on myself.  Of significance is the return of past levels of confidence and that I am in charge of my whole self and my choices.

Jennifer H 
19 October 2017