Cass Hendry

Cass works as our Community Arts Programme Manager to provide open studio services and workshops. Cass has a background as an arts therapist and has been working in the Health and Disability sector for over 20 years. As a practicing artist and therapist, Cass is currently exploring contemporary ideas and materials from a therapeutic view point.

Lynda Preest

Lynda is the Arts for Health Funding and Trust Administrator and is responsible for the day to day running of the office, funding applications and all the 101 jobs that a successful organisation needs to operate. Lynda practices a wide range of contemporary craft skills which she shares with her family, friends and community. 

Marianne Schreven (Art Tutor)

Marianne was a member of the Arts for Health Board for nearly two years before becoming an Arts Tutor for our organisation. Marianne's lifelong background is creativity in all its forms, and is a practising contemporary jeweller outside of her tutoring position.
While enjoying being on the Board, Marianne felt that she could be more effective as an Art Tutor working directly with our artists to develop their creative potential.

Ian Johnston (Art Tutor)

Ian holds a Trade qualification in the printing industry which lead to an interest in graphic design, computers and photography.
Through his own creative development, Ian has learnt to appreciate the qualities of patience and respect for the artistic process and hopes to share these skills with the wider community.


Melanie Odey (Interim Chairperson)

Melanie joined the Board of Trustees for Arts for Health in August 2008. She has a depth of work experience in the disability sector supporting people in both residential and vocational settings. She has also spent many years developing educational programmes for human and social services at Wintec. Melanie has a Masters in Social Sciences majoring in Psychology, an MBA and a Certificate in Tertiary Teaching. Melanie enjoys recreational art and writing for enjoyment.

Ellen Warren (Secretary)

Ellen joined the board in 2017. Ellen has worked for over ten years in the community services sector in Australia. A large part of that work involved supporting clients who were in temporary housing, along with sourcing government funding to run workshops for those who were dealing with mental health issues. When Ellen isn’t working at the WDHB, she enjoys spending time out and about finding adventures with her Labrador. 

Kirsty Carruthers (Secretary)

Kirsty joined the Board in 2017 with experience as a Chief Financial Officer.  Kirsty's background includes working for New Zealand and overseas companies in a range of senior financial and management positions.  When not working Kirsty is actively engaged at the gym and maintaining her fitness.

Jay Spencer (Trustee)

Jay joined the Board of Trustees for Arts for Health in February 2015. Jay has worked in community organisations for a number of years and brings to the Board skills in policy making and marketing to develop strong community profiles.   As an avid contemporary paper artist, Jay uses life experiences to tell her creative stories. 

Glenys Steele (Trustee)

Glenys has worked in her own employment law practice, About Best Practice, for the past ten years, dispensing employment law advice to employers and employees alike, inspiring confidence in them to deal with the everyday issues of employment. She also coaches and judges at the University of Waikato Law School, encouraging students to be the best they can be. When she is not working, you might find her surf kayaking or launching into a new painting, currently acrylic on canvas.  Glenys has been involved on the Board of Trustees of Arts for Health for over 10 years now, calling it Hamilton's best kept secret!

Sharon Garrick (Trustee)

Sharon joined the Board in 2017.