1st Prize (Adults' section)           Katherine Cook   

Adult Merit Prizes:                      Susannah Salter  

                                                Brodie Reynolds   

                                                Sharon Gleeson   

                                                Bronz Cross         

                                                Phillip Longley       

1st Prize (Students' section)       Charlotte Aroa       

Student Merit Prize                     Austin Johnson     

People's Choice Award               Brodie Reynolds  

Raffle Winner                             Sharon Garrick


J Policy Development

For all your policy needs
Contact Janet (Jay) Spencer
021 793225 or 07 8554101
21 Ngaere Avenue, Chartwell, Hamilton 3210


1. Entry fee is $25 per ADULT artwork and $10 per STUDENT artwork (under 18 years of age).   

2. All entries must be completed online using the application form via this link - 

3. Closing date for entries is 26th July 2019. 

4. Delivery of artwork to The Frankton Gallery (10 High Street Frankton) on Tuesday 6th August from 8am until 10am. 

5. Artists must attach a label to the back of the artwork giving details of artist’s name, art name, medium and sale price, with entry number given after application is submitted. 

 6. All details must be recorded on the entry form. Any incomplete entry forms will not be accepted. Once entry form is complete an email will be sent with payment details. 

7. All submitted artwork must be for sale. The prize money of $1,000 for the winning entry is considered purchase price for the winning entry and that entry will become property of Arts for Health. The painting may be used for display purposes at Arts for Health, in promotional work, or for any other purpose, including sale, at the discretion of Arts for Health.  Entering the competition gives agreement to this clause. 

8. Multiple entries from individuals are permitted. 

9. All artwork must be ready for hanging with “D” hooks attached. The artwork must be easily attached to, and removable from, the wall.  Works not prepared for hanging may not be exhibited. 10. Works in two or more parts (diptychs etc.) must be clearly marked in the order in which they are to be exhibited from left to right (e.g. 1, 2, 3…) and priced as one artwork. 

11. Late, or wet entries will not be permitted. 

12. Exhibited artworks will be on sale from 7th - 23rd August 2019 with the proceeds of each work going to the artist, less 40% commission.  Sale price is to be set by the artist. 

13. Copyright:  With the exception of the winning entry, the copyright of all artwork remains with the individual artists.  However, by entering the competition the artists agree to allow Arts for Health Community Trust limited copyright, free of royalties, to publish images of the entered artwork/s on websites, catalogues publicity material and news media. Copyright in the winning entry will transfer with ownership to Arts for Health. 

14. Insurance of the art will be the responsibility of the artist.  The cost of any courier to return artwork will also be the responsibility of the artist. 
Artwork Characteristics: 

15. The subject is of the artist’s choice. 

16. The artwork must be the artist’s own unaided original work, and not reproduced from another work. 

17. Artwork will be two dimensional in any art medium (oils, acrylics, pastels, pencil, charcoal etc). Artwork can be presented on any support: stretched canvas, art paper, card, linen. Size limited to 910mm x 610mm (36” x 24”) maximum (or equivalent overall measurement length x width).   No exceptions. 

18. All artwork must be signed where practical. 

19. Photography and computer generated entries are not permitted. 
Blind Judging and Exhibition Requirements: 

20. A panel of two judges will view every entry. The judges’ decisions will be final. 

21. Winners will be announced on Opening Night, 9th August between 5.30pm and 7pm at The Frankton Gallery and will be open to the public from 7th till 23rd August 2019. 

22. Unsold work must be collected from the gallery venue at the end of the competition on Saturday 24th August from 12noon – 4.30pm.  If your work is sold, we will let you know by 23rd August. After two weeks any artwork not collected will become the property of Arts for Health and may be sold for the benefit of Arts for Health. 

23. These rules are subject to change and all entrants already registered will be advised.  Check our website or Facebook for updated details.  

24. Arts for Health reserve the right to make selection for hanging if there are too many entries. 
 Any questions? Contact or phone 07 838-2271 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am – 3pm. 


Arts for Health as part of its community service hosts an annual art competition and exhibition. The purpose of this event is to develop a healthy and vibrant community using the creative arts, and to build wider community partnerships.  This event is open to all members of the community and is our major fundraising event.

Arts for Health has been offering an annual community exhibition since 2013.  This has only been possible through the generous support of our supporters and sponsors.  These competitions have attracted a great number of entries each year, with a fabulous Opening Night and announcement of winners and presentation of prizes.  Judging is undertaken by David Lloyd and he is supported by  guest judges. This event is held at David Lloyd Gallery in Lake Crescent, Hamilton.  

The Exhibition Opening and announcement of winners is held on Friday evening and the exhibition is open to the public for viewing and purchasing of artworks on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.    

There are two categories - Adults section and Students section.  To enter in the Students section you must be aged 18 and under.  There is also a People's Choice award and Merit awards.

All artworks are for sale.

2018 Art Competition

Another successful Art Competition was held 17th - 19th August at David Lloyd's Gallery.  We received a total of 95 entries this year - an absolute record! We sold 17 pieces of art, and awarded over 10 merit prizes. Opening night was standing room only and at its peak it was three deep outside as people waited to come in.

Congratulations to Anna Wildey who was the winner in the Adults' section with her entry entitled "Pacifica Puzzle". Anna's artwork becomes the property of Arts for Health and is held in the Arts for Health Collection. This collection is very special as it is the only grass roots community initiated collection of Waikato artists that we know of. 

Students' Section

Congratulations Stefan Smart who was the winner in the Students' Section with his entry "My Imagination"

People's Choice Award

Congratulations Leslie Hodgson on being the winner of People's Choice Award.  Trustee Jay Spencer is presenting the award

Winner of our Raffle

Congratulations to Marilyn Dunn who was the winner of the raffle sponsored by Life Pharmacy Chartwell.  Trustee Glenys Steele is presenting the raffle prize

Our Judges were Jenni de Groot and David Lloyd

Jenni de Groot, David Lloyd and AFH Vice-Chairperson Melanie Odey

Judges David Lloyd and Jenni de Groot

Judges Jenni de Groot and David Lloyd presenting prize to winner Anna Wildey

Opening Night

A great turnout for Opening Night Friday 17th August

Many thanks to our 2018 Sponsors


Lisa Ormsby

Denise White

Kara Williams

Nadine Mudgway


Kamini Nair

Anuchika Auvaa

Neil Onion

Tinoi Feulufai

Alex Khatoev

Oriah Rose

2017 Art Competition

Our 2017 Art Competition / Exhibition winners were

ADULTS FIRST PRIZE:           Fritz Jooste
MERIT:                                 Riki McInman, Sharon Gleeson
                                           Oliver Stewart, Diana Seavill
(2 winners)                           Deshan Walallavita

Jennie de Groot Fine Art

2016 Art Competition

Our 2016 Art Competition / Exhibition winners were

ADULTS FIRST PRIZE:           Oliver Stewart
STUDENTS FIRST PRIZE:       Stefan Smart
MERIT:                                  Sharon Gleeson
                                            Riki McInman
                                            David Candy, Gloria Boulton,
                                            Emma White, Brya Rose,
                                            Bruce Mclachlan


Jennie de Groot Fine Art

2015 Art Competition

Our 2015 Art Competition / Exhibition winners were:

ADULT'S FIRST PRIZE:               Brya Rose
STUDENT'S FIRST PRIZE:          Pawarin Permphanworawat  
MERIT:                                      Oliver Stewart,  Ian Johnston, Riki McInman
PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD:       Elan Kardas