Arts for Health

Now that you know a little bit about Arts for Health, take a look at what we do - we are so excited to share our services with you with social art groups all year, art workshops every term and art therapy, we’ve got everything you need right here.

Meet the team

Cass Hendry

Arts Programme Manager

Cass Hendry - Arts Programme Manager

Arts Therapist and frequent gym and cafe goer, Cass is interested in symbolic design and play as a therapeutic response to wellbeing. Cass holds a Masters in Arts, Arts Therapy (Clinical).

Lynda Preest

Funding and Trust Administrator

Lynda Preest - Funding and Trust Administrator

Contemporary crafter & serious foodie, Lynda likes Kiwiana and stylised inspired work. Lynda loves the beach lifestyle. Lynda celebrated her 20th work anniversary this year so knows how to keep the office in good shape.


Maisie Bryenton

Art Tutor

Maisie Bryenton - Art Tutor

Painter & cake baker extraordinaire, Maisie works with gouache on paper and water soluble oils on board. Maisie loves working with a wide range of people from different backgrounds.

Rhiannon Jackson

Art Tutor

Rhiannon Jackson - Art Tutor

With her passion of working along side people and her love for art, Arts for Health is the perfect place for Rhiannon. Rhiannon holds a Bachelor of Media Arts Majoring in Visual Arts. When she’s not covered in paint in the art studio, you will either find her running for fun or out at the beach.

Eve Cunnane

Arts Therapist

Eve Cunnane - Arts Therapist

Eve is an art therapist and loves working with young people. Eve also does youth mentoring work with animals, likes to be out adventuring in nature, or just reading a book at the beach. Eve holds a Masters in Arts, Arts Therapy (Clinical). 

Scarlett Jeong

Arts Therapist

Scarlett Jeong - Arts Therapist

Creative artist Scarlett has an interest in working with the emotional and psychological well-being of children and immigrants. In her spare time, you can find Scarlett making art, viewing art, or working with young people. Scarlett holds a Masters in Arts, Arts Therapy (Clinical). 

Our trustees

Melanie Odey


Melanie Odey - Chairperson

Melanie joined the Board of Trustees for Arts for Health in August 2008 with work experience in the disability sector and in Education. Melanie has a Masters in Social Sciences majoring in Psychology, an MBA and a Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and is currently tutoring at Wintec.  Melanie enjoys recreational art and writing for enjoyment.  

Carla Rule


Carla Rule - Secretary

Carla is a Registered Legal Executive holding a Diploma in Law. Although Carla does not profess to be an artist in any way, she enjoys spending rainy Sundays pretending to be creative by adult colouring, painting by numbers or completing jigsaws. Carla enjoys triathlons and netball.  Mostly you will find Carla just hanging out with her dog, Walter.

Kirsty Holdaway


Kirsty Holdaway - Treasurer

Kirsty joined the Board in 2017 with experience as a Chief Financial Officer. Kirsty's background includes working for New Zealand and overseas companies in a range of senior financial and management positions. When not working Kirsty is actively engaged at the gym, maintaining her fitness by walking her dogs, Ralph and Billy.

Glenys Steele


Glenys Steele - Trustee

Glenys has her own employment law practice, About Best Practice. She also coaches and judges at the University of Waikato Law School. When she is not working, you might find her surf kayaking, launching into a new painting or walking her dog Charlie.  Glenys has been involved on the Board of Trustees of Arts for Health for over ten years.

Arnold Andrews


Arnold Andrews - Trustee

Arnold is currently a Duty Manager at Hamilton City Council and specialises in event management.  Arnold holds a Masters in Business Management from University of Waikato and is involved with various projects ranging from mental health to the rights of young workers. Arnold is a keen fitness enthusiast and he likes to spend his leisure days participating in activities like obstacle course races and running half marathons.

Jennifer Morgan


Jennifer Morgan - Trustee

Jennifer is originally from Canada where she obtained a Business Diploma and after the move to New Zealand obtained a Law Degree.  She currently works as a lawyer.  Jennifer feels she is not very artistic but does enjoy arts and crafts time with her toddler son, as he appreciates her stick figure people and animals.  Outside of work and being a mum, she enjoys boxing to stay fit and spending time with friends and family.

Dean McLeod


Dean McLeod - Trustee

Generation X’r, creative, lateral thinker, practical, logical, diligent, traveler, explorer, caffeine addict, extroverted introvert, humorous and friendly!  Dean has been in business as a Business Consultant and Contractor for over 20 years, specialising in Change Management, Supply Chain and Operational Management.  Dean runs Photography classes to try to get people passionate about photography as an art form.

Abby Jackson


Abby Jackson - Trustee

Abby rejoined the Board in 2021 after a three year absence due to the birth of her children. Abby’s experience includes a career in journalism, communications, marketing and tech solutions in NZ and the UK. Currently completing postgraduate studies in psychology, Abby is working towards becoming a registered clinical psychologist.  Abby believes in the therapeutic power of expressing yourself through creativity. 

Lisa Mitchell


Lisa Mitchell - Trustee

Lisa joined the Board in October 2021 and is a closet creative who enjoys painting, writing and being a musician, alongside her daughter. As a passionate mental health supporter and having worked in the mental health sector, Lisa is excited about supporting Arts for Health.  Lisa's professional background includes roles in policy, strategy and community development. Lisa has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and an Honours degree in Labour Studies. 

Rex Petersen


Rex Petersen - Trustee

Rex is a long time Hamilton resident, owning and managing his own businesses and managing national and international corporate businesses. Rex brings a professional skillset to his new position as a Board Member along with his extensive array of local and national connections. Rex believes in "Caring for our community as our family" and has involved himself in other community groups including BOT at Neighbourhood Support Hamilton. 

Chelsee Woollaston


Chelsee Woollaston - Trustee

Chelsee is a creative with a background in music, Health and Disability support and management. Chelsee is the great niece of artist Sir Toss Woollaston.
A mother, gardener, picker of flowers, eater of fruits, Chelsee also is a lover of the river, events and laughter. Chelsea likes to be a catalyst for change for a better world for all.

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